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Alocs hiking set

The pan sits there a little loose. A small saucepan was immediately donated, so I only had a frying pan, a larger saucepan and small utensils at my disposal.
3 bowls The cookware is made of aluminum alloy. All this stuff is removed in a mesh bag. The dimensions correspond to the declared ones, except for the dimensions of the bottom of the pots and pans. 2.2 liter saucepan: 185*185*100 mm The Alocs set includes two pots, a frying pan, two lids, a ladle, a stirrer or spatula, and three bowls. 1.4 liter saucepan: 165*165*82 mm Bowl: 130*40 mm
Large saucepan without lid

Alocs hiking set

Ladle: 150 mm What surprised me when I got the dishes was how civil they looked compared to my other set from Wedeisea. Frying pan: 190*190*40 mm Bowls are also not 13 cm in diameter, but 11.
Plastic accessories The weight of each individual item is as follows: In today’s review, we will talk about a set of dishes from Alocs. Large saucepan with lid The bowl narrows towards the bottom. In order not to be scratched, you can shift it with paper or put the saucepan into the bag initially. Collective farm, but they will be more whole.
Separately: In the pan, you can insert saucepans nesting dolls. Shovel: 140 mm Here everything looked bohat. Set dimensions:

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