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DisplayPort to HDMI Vention Cable, 4K@30Hz

The second (reviewed) $10.2 DP to HDMI came out for $6.04 (also with coins and coupons on sale September 2021). Also mentioned is a $2.86 DP to HDMI converter And the third time the old man went to the sea. © This time I was not wiser and took another cable from Vention (I already had one). 2. This experience was not very successful, I described the problems here, in short – the converter is long and the connectors strove to break out, soldered cracked contacts once, more in that review. Ali gave coupons, plus they were on the seller’s page. Therefore, look for where it is cheaper. When I bought a second monitor, I wanted to save some money, since I already had a pretty good HDMI-HDMI cable at home, and a small converter turned out to be much cheaper. You yourself know how prices, discounts, sales “dance” on Ali … with which the price may turn out to be more expensive than the “regular price”. Therefore, I replaced the converter with a cable, in short, this time I am satisfied with the purchase. Note. More details under the cut. Therefore, for comparison, "what for what" wrote the price at the time of purchase and the final price for payment. A little earlier I bought a converter and wrote about it, the result did not suit me. The overview may be useful for users who only have DisplayPort outputs on their PC/laptop/docking station and only HDMI on their monitor. Please note: DP → HDMI cable only. 1. The first cable was $6.9 DP to HDMI cost $1.86 last year (coupons and coins on sale 11.11, i.e. "freebies happen"). In the comments they wrote that there is such a life hack – subscribe to the Vention store and they give a coupon, a coupon 1 out of 8 or 1 out of 10 definitely comes in a week, before they were more generous and often gave 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 5< /p>

DisplayPort to HDMI Vention Cable, 4K@30Hz

I chose another cable on Ali … the most important thing is that I chose for a long time and wanted to take “some other one to compare” and in the end a specific bummer awaited me: I unpacked the package, and inside the DP – DP, hmm, I missed specifically, but oh well , with whom it does not happen. 3.

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